Fatteh with Hummus

What is fatteh?

Fatteh is an Arabic term that means “to crumble.” I think it is easy to deduct that this is called such because of the crumpled pita bread (aka khobz or khobuz in Arabic). There are many variations of this dish from either the accompanying ingredient (vegetable or fruit) or the way it is prepared, but in all cases, the crumpled pita bread continues to be the star!

Origin of this recipe

Depending on the region the fatteh recipe is coming from, the ingredients and the spices differ.  It goes to say that you can easily make another version that would suit your taste. This recipe here hailed from the kitchen of my Lebanese sister-in-law when she came for a visit more than 10 years ago.

Recipe ingredients

Watching my sister-in-law did it, I was impressed with the healthy choice of ingredients. Also, because the ingredients are pantry-and refrigerator-ready. I mean, finding the ingredients is stress free! They are practically already available anytime. Her recipe had undergone a bit of adjustment to suit my own preference, and she was pleased with what turned out.  However, what I would give you here is her original recipe as I remember it well.

Other ways to make delicious fatteh

Fatteh never fails to please my taste buds. I once attended a potluck get together, and I had tried one with eggplant and tomato sauce done by a Filipina-Canadian friend. I love eggplants, and I love fatteh. So, one plus one equals fatteh! I googled this dish, by the way, and as I found many versions worth trying, the one I had fallen in love with from Lebanon is, I believe, the easiest and simplest, but tasty nonetheless. They are good for breakfast or dinner.  Filling but light, it satiates so pleasantly.

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